Eat like a local in Denver


  1. Colorado just legalized weed. Now CNN is covering where to get good, local
    food in Denver. Someone had the munchies.

  2. Looks like enough grease to lubricate the QE2…but delicious. Pot smokers
    beware…this is not the place to go when you get the ‘munchies.’

  3. Ubiquitous asphalt suffocation. Automobile air, water, land and noise
    pollution day after day. Steering wheel slavery. Gas pump slavery.
    Dashboard hypnosis. Tail-light hypnosis. Enslaving urban planning.
    Pseudo-status symbol sports cars. Pseudo-macho SUVs and pickup trucks.
    Psychedelic automobile advertising. You are bored, so you pollute? Puppets
    of the ego-manipulating automobile/oil industries, free yourselves. Don’t
    you see your predicament? The ignorant are easily manipulated.

  4. The Franklin is the best thing I’ve ever consumed´╗┐