Ambush Board Company – Open Ep. 20


  1. What do you cal a koala who can’t catch?


  2. бля я один тут русский?

  3. a moment of silence for that poor guy at 1:55

  4. I couldn’t conetrate with the video
    because of this music
    what about you ?

  5. Dad bought me my first skateboard here 11 years ago

  6. 3:30 looool look at that unicycle just casually parked with bikes!

  7. Fuck yes Kennesaw on the map!

  8. Oh shit that’s my fucking shop!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. This reminds me of 411.vm so much. God I miss that shit

  10. THIS IS MY LOCAL SHOP!!!!! hell yeah! love these guys been going there for

  11. This was raw just kept getting better and better! That ENDER!

  12. I got some really solid Lakai’s from their shop

  13. Can anyone tell me why this channel has 1,000,000 subs but only gets 25,000
    views on all of the videos

  14. awesome XD , whats the name of the song ?

  15. Ride chanel , donde puedo descargar la rola de rad-isaurus? porfavor

  16. Yes!! My local shop! Hell yeah Ambush